Alex von Klemperer

Seamus Kilmartin


Formerly Tiergarten. 

Blank Neon is a band based out of Brooklyn, NY.  

They focus on layering arrangements with a minimal approach to create a dark and sharp aesthetic.



“It’s rare to hear a band able to balance tension like this on a debut, yet Blank Neon

are beyond balancing–they’ve contorted dark and light until we’re forced to hear

both as one.”

- Brooklyn Magazine


“The band’s sound is shimmering and heavy, navigating between enormous riffs and

polyrhythmic drums that work to enhance the titanic melodies.”

- Circuit Sweet


“The moderate dose of distortion that lines their tracks is like a satellite gone

momentarily haywire on the fringes of our atmosphere, and their propensity for the

ethereal is enough to prick your ears and pique your interest. Where Blank Neon

goes, we're inclined to follow.”

- ThrdCoast




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